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How to Make Sure Kids Get Enough Vitamin D

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How to Make Sure Kids Get Enough Vitamin D
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Of all the nutrients to be concerned about, vitamin D is top of my list. It's one of the hardest nutrient requirements to meet for people of all ages, partly because there's a short list of food sources.

The good news? Milk is one of those food sources that packs a punch of vitamin D. Just one cup of milk provides 100 IU of vitamin D towards the daily requirement of 600 IU for children and adults over the age of one year.

As a dietitian, I was surprised to learn in my 40's that I was vitamin D deficient. But like many things involving nutrition, even dietitians like me can get off track. Ever since, l've been supplementing vitamin D in my diet, especially in the winter, and pay attention to vitamin D food sources like milk in mine and my children's diets, too.