Fun Facts

  • How Many Kinds of Cows Do You Think There Are?

    There are seven different types of cows. In every country you'll see different kinds. Here in America there are two types of milk cows that are used "most" of the time for milk, Holsteins and Jerseys.

    Holsteins are the black and white cows. Holsteins are used because they give a lot of milk.
    Jerseys are the brown cows. Jerseys give less milk but more cream.

  • Have you ever seen a real cow?

    Most cows have short hair and come in a variety of colors. White, Gray, Black, Brown and Tan. They have big toenails called hooves and long tails that they can use to swat pesky flies with. A cow has very large eyes and a long tongue. The cows have many large teeth, but never develop top front teeth.

  • Did you know that cows don't sweat?

    We sweat to keep our bodies cool; but since cows don't sweat, they prefer to live in the shade and keep cool. Cows drink lots of water about a bathtub full every day.

  • Did you know you can get milk from lots of different animals?

    Dogs, cats, pigs and even humans make milk for their babies. All animals that give milk to their young are called mammals. Cows are mammals.

  • Do you think a male cow can give milk?

    No... he can't. Only the mother, a female, can give milk. Like all mammals, a cow produces milk to feed its baby.
    A cow can give milk only after it has a baby calf.

  • Do you have any questions about Cows?

    When you come to Kids and Kows you can have all these questions answered.

  • How Do Cows Make Milk?

    What a cow eats affects how much milk she makes and how it tastes. A cow that eats only grass can give about 50 glasses of milk a day. A cow that eats grass, corn, hay and mixed feeds can produce about 100 glasses of milk a day.

    Cows eat about 90 pounds of nutritious food a day; 90 pounds of food equals about 210 baked potatoes.

    With all the food they eat and the water they drink they make milk for us to drink.

    If You milked cows by hand, one person could milk about eight cows an hour a Dairy could milk about 60 cows an hour with one man and 14 machines.

    One cow will produce about 200,000 Glasses of milk in her lifetime. The cows need to drink lots of water so they can make milk. Cows drink 25 to 50 gallons of water a day. That is nearly a bathtub full!

  • Did you know that the milk that the cow gives has two parts to it?

    It has nonfat milk and cream.

    The creamiest part of the milk comes out of the cow during the last part of the milking. If you let the milk sit for a while, it will separate. The cream, because it is lighter, will float to the top.

    Did you know butter is made from cream?

  • What Else Comes From Milk?

    In addition to butter and cream, popular food products like ice cream, yogurt, whipped cream and cottage cheese are all made from milk. Can you think of any other food or drink that comes from milk? Here's a hint:

    Think of a food that starts with a " C " and can be found on top of pizza.

    Good Job.. you are right, it is Cheese.

    Cow's milk is just the starting point for many delicious food and drink products.

    Milk contains 9 nutrients your body needs to grow and stay healthy such as Niacin(for a healthy metabolism), Protein(which builds and repairs muscle tissue and increases energy), Calcium (which builds strong bones and teeth), Riboflavin(which increases energy for exercising), Vitamin A(for healthy eyes and skin), Vitamin D(for strong bones), Vitamin B12(which builds red blood cells to strengthen lungs and muscles), Phosphorus(which increases energy and builds strong bones) and Potassium(for muscles and healthy blood pressure).